Society for fNIRS elections, nomination deadline Aug 15

Dear fNIRS Community,

In case you haven’t heard, we received 214 abstract submissions for fNIRS2014 in Montreal (see The abstracts are being reviewed now and the schedule is expected to be finalized by early August. This exceeds the 147 submitted in 2012 and 47 submitted in 2010! It is going to be an exciting and busy conference.

Importantly, the Society for Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy is now preparing for its first elections. We are accepting nominations for President Elect, Secretary, and the Board of Directors. Nominations of candidates including a brief paragraph bio should be sent to Martin Wolf by Aug 15 at Please contact David Boas at if you have any questions about the positions. Watch your email in early September for information about the election. Results will be announced at the conference.

By-laws of the society can be found at The current list of executive and board members is:

Executive Committee
President, David Boas, term expires 2016
President-Elect, TBD
Treasure, David Boas
Secretary, TBD

Board of Directors
Richard Aslin, term expires 2018
Hellmuth Obrig, term expires 2018
Joseph Culver, term expires 2018
Charles Nelson, term expires 2018
Ted Huppert, term expires 2018
Maria Angela Franceschini, term expires 2018
Gentaro Taga, term expires 2018
Martin Wolf, term expires 2018
Clare Elwell, term expires 2018
Yoko Hoshi, term expires 2018
Eiju Watanabe, term expires 2018
Arno Villringer, term expires 2018

David Boas

Optical brain scanner goes where other brain scanners can’t

Joe Culver and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have published a Nature Photonics paper describing an exciting new diffuse optical tomography instrument. The instrument covers two-thirds of a subject’s head and can image brain processes occurring in multiple regions and brain networks—those involved in “daydreaming,” for example. Read more about the study here.

Testing for concussion with portable fNIRS

In a recent post, BioOptics World looks at concussion evaluation with portable functional NIRS. Associate Editor Lee Dubay discusses two projects led by University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences researchers, which demonstrate the potential of the technology for this very important application. Read the post here.