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Introductory Letter

Dear fNIRS 2010 attendee,

Following the success of our 2010 meeting at Harvard, we have now started to take steps to further strengthen our community. We have started our website at fnirs.org which we will grow to provide information about instruments, probes, analysis software, and related meetings and publications, as well as any additional and appropriate information that the community can contribute.  We are also pleased to announce that the second meeting has been scheduled for London, October 26-28, 2012 and will be organized by Clare Elwell. Please visit www.fnirs.org for more information.

We have started this mailing list in order to disseminate an infrequent (monthly or less) fNIRS newsletter. If there is information you would like to convey in this newsletter, please send an email to admin@fnirs.org.

We also ask for your help to build content for the website. Please pass information to webmaster@fnirs.org about publicly available instruments and analysis software and we will post that information on the web site. In addition, to help advance the development of NIRS probes, we would like to compile a gallery of the diversity of probes that people have used and are using in fNIRS studies. We hope this gallery will span all levels of creativity and skill. Please send webmaster@fnirs.org your photos / designs and permission to reproduce them on the website along with any information you would like to be conveyed with the picture.

Also, please note that the next fNIRS Hands On Class will be held in Boston November 10 and 11, 2011. See here for more information.

David Boas