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SfNIRS Newsletter – November 2013

Early Announcement
fNIRS 2014
Montreal Canada
October 10-12, 2014
This conference is expected to start Friday morning and conclude Sunday afternoon.
It will be preceded the day before by an educational workshop.
Watch fNIRS.org for more details.
Abstract submission deadlines will be announced to this list-server as well as on fNIRS.org
Also visit the fNIRS2014 facebook page.

SPIE is starting a new journal called Neurophotonics (see the SPIE press release here).

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fNIRS is on twitter and facebook. This is a good way to share information about new publications, and other news related to our society. Follow the links at fnirs.org.

fNIRS Special Issue in Neuroimage commemorating 20 Years of fNIRS.
Accepted are on-line and will appear in one of the next issues of Neuroimage.
You can browse the on-line ahead of print papers at