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fNIRS Newsletter – April 2014

fNIRS2014 Abstract Submissions
The deadline for abstract submissions is June 16, 2014 for the conference that will occur in Montreal Oct 10-12, 2014. See http://fnirs2014.org for details.

fNIRS Course
A one-day educational NIRS Course will precede the fNIRS conference. The focus of this course will be twofold. Firstly, it will include an overview of the NIRS technique, with particular focus on the application of this technique for infancy research (to include practical demonstrations). Secondly, there will be a series of lectures on data analysis techniques given by invited speakers. The latter will include topics such as GLM modeling, image reconstruction, artifact detection, and probe localization and anatomy.

See details at http://fnirs2014.org/course/.

Society for fNIRS Elections
In preparation for the first elections for the Society, we are taking nominations for the positions President-elect, Secretary, and Board of Directors, please send nominations to Martin Wolf (Martin.Wolf@usz.ch). The nomination should include a brief bibliographic statement about the candidate that also touches on their interest in the position. The candidate should confirm that they accept the nomination. The bibliographic statement will be shared with the membership leading up to the elections. All past attendees of fNIRS2010 and fNIRS2012 are considered members of SfNIRS for the purposes of the election.