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SfNIRS Newsletter, June 2015

Monthly Updates June 14, 2015

SfNIRS Logo Competition
We have 6 beautiful logo submissions and we need your help choosing the winner. You can preview the logos at: https://fnirs.org/resources/sfnirs-logo-design-competition
You will receive an email in the coming week with instructions on how to cast your vote.
To vote you need to be an SfNIRS member and a google account. Each member can vote only once. Voting will close August 31st 2015. The winner will be announced with our next newsletter in September 2015.

NIRS/NIRI Publications
It’s been a busy six months in the world of NIRS/NIRI research!
Catch up on all 281 abstracts in the two latest lists assembled by Felix Scholkmann:
Issue 4 of Volume 2 (Oct-Dec 2014, 128 papers)
Issue 1 of Volume 3 (Jan-Mar 2015, 153 papers)
The next edition will be out in the summer. Happy reading until then!

May-June 2015 highlighted papers
Two recent publications that are relevant to the fNIRS community were brought to our attention by Rodrigo Forti. See his commentary on our webpage, followed by a list of other interesting papers that have been shared on our FB group page. And don’t forget to check the commentary in Neurophotonics about the Montreal SfNIRS 2014 conference.

Job opportunities
Spencer Lab @ University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK; UCL Biomedical Optics Research Lab; Marie Curie Training Network “PredictAble”; Medical optics research at ICFO Barcelona; Centre for Brain and Cognitive Dev., Birkbeck, University of London

From Facebook & Twitter
The Society for functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy group in Facebook now has 260 members!!! More and more publications, job openings, meeting announcements and questions about NIRS are posted daily.
#fNIRS posts on Twitter are also frequent!

Featured Events

NIRS course @ the Martinos Optics Division
David Boas and coworkers are offering the fNIRS Hands-On Course again this year in Boston on Oct 22 and 23, 2015. In response to feedback from attendees, they are placing more focus on hands-on training on data analysis with Homer and atlasViewer, while maintaining the core theoretical and instrumentation training as well. This course has a cap and it is almost filled up, so make sure you register early. Details at www.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/training/fnirs

3rd European Autumn School on Cerebral Oxymetry and Optical Imaging (fNIRS)
This school will be held 3 rue des Louvels, 80000 Amiens, France, 2-6 November 2015. If interested please contact href=”mailto:fabrice.wallois@u-picardie.fr”>fabrice.wallois@u-picardie.fr

Neurophotonics – Call for Papers
Please see the call for papers for the upcoming special section on “Clinical Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging of the Brain”.  The submission deadline is Dec 1, 2015. More info at the journal webpage. Note that the journal Neurophotonics is the official journal for SfNIRS.

Brain Meeting
The XXVIIth International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and Function will be held in Vancouver, Canada from June 27–30, 2015. The program includes more than 30 NIRS abstracts.

The Italian fNIRS group has created an email address, fnirs.it@gmail.com, which will be used for all communications coming from the www.fnirs.it website and to receive all news and development Italian fNIRS researchers want to share and communicate to the fNIRS world.