fNIRS lab at University of Michigan updates

University of Michigan’s fNIRS lab will participate in the second annual Michigan Brainhack, as part of the Brainhack.org (http://brainhack.org) event, BrainHack Americas. Attendees include experts in experimental design, psychiatric and psychological research, data analysis and big data analysts, statisticians, physicists, engineers, with a range of techniques represented (MRI, EEG, fNIRS, behavioral, etc). As part of our participation, we will present on current challenges in fNIRS data modeling, statistical analyses and real-time fNIRS signal processing.

Each semester University of Michigan’s fNIRS lab offers introductory 2-hour seminars on fNIRS technology and the basics of its use. We welcome in-person and remote-login attendants for these seminars, please inquire with fNIRS-lab@umich.edu.


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By Frank, xiaosuhu@umich.edu