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Artinis launches new fNIRS hardware: the Brite23

Artinis is an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research and quality assurance. Artinis are now proud to launch the Brite23. The Brite23 is a lightweight, user-friendly, plug-and-play fNIRS device with minimal set-up time. It uses multichannel LED’s: 11 transmitters and 7 receivers at 3.5 cm distance, resulting in 23 deep measuring channels with 100 Hz and 24 bits resolution.

Subjects can perform physical activi­ties like walking, running and climbing while the device is connected with Bluetooth (>100 meters) to the laptop or by recording data for over 100 hours on the on-board memory. A 9-axis accelerometer is added in the system for synchronous motion measurement.

At the 2016 fNIRS conference in Paris we showed our early prototype and we’ve optimized according to the obtained feedback. We are excited to announce the release of the first series of Brite23 systems and will deliver these this month to our customers. We congratulate them with their new system and we look forward to the novel research areas this truly portable 23 channel fNIRS device will open up!

Artinis has a track record of 15 years of excellent performing fNIRS systems for a wide variety of applications. Together with our terrific support services, we have many happy customers whom have published hundreds of publications with our devices. Visit www.artinis.com/Brite23 or contact us via askforinfo@artinis.com to get more information on the Brite23 or apply for a demonstration.

By Rebecca Dewey