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Feature Story – Open Water

By Adam Eggebrecht

Technological revolutionary, Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, has recently launched Open Water to create wearable infrared-based approaches for obtaining functional MRI-level resolution of brain function.

Dr. Jepsen has a long history in imaging technology and consumer-grade electronics, from her work on video-rate holography at MIT, to her work at Intel’s Display division, to spearheading the One Laptop per Child program – for which she also developed the low-power sunlight-readable display, as well as her more recent work with Pixel Qi, Google [X], Facebook, and Oculus.

Now, with Open Water, Dr. Jepsen is looking to utilize consumer grade LCD display technology, optimized for the near-infrared optical window, along with holographic image reconstruction strategies to generate low-power, low-weight opto-electronics that will be fabricated into fully wearable (think ski-hat) imaging caps.

As described in a TEDx in October, 2016, Dr. Jepsen plans to utilize phase conjugation of the holograms to overcome barriers in image quality yet to be overcome with fMRI or diffuse optical tomography. If these novel approaches work, the utilization of consumer electronics may significantly lower the cost while expanding the portability and wearability of medical-grade imaging of human brain function.

Multiple employment opportunities are listed at www.opnwatr.io/hiring.