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5th European Autumn School

affiche2017_web_enThe Fifth Autumn School will be held in 2017, November 20-24th at the Medical Faculty, 3 rue des Louvels Amiens, France.

Cerebral oxymetry and optical imaging are upcoming techniques that allow noninvasive evaluation of the tissue concentration of HbO and HbR and their variations in different physiological and pathological situations.

Both of these techniques are based on near Infrared spectroscopy. They are emerging techniques that are now used by clinicians, notably in Intensive Care Units, or by physiologists to explore cerebral function.

Optical imaging can be easily done in conjunction with EEG. allowing for the exploration of both electrical and hemodynamic aspects of cortical function. This includes the neurovascular coupling that supports cognition of various forms, inlcuding language, and pathological aspects of this process in cases such as epilepsy and Parkinson Disease.

The first objective of the meeting is to bring basic knowledge and acquisition experience concerning near infrared spectroscopy to users.

The second objective is to review the application of cerebral oxymetry in neonates based on the basic principle of neonatal maturation.

The third objective is to demonstrate the benefit of optical imaging through its application to two specific topics: (1) the analysis of language networks and (2) the analysis of epileptic networks.

Practical workshops will be held in each evening with the different systems available in the laboratory.

This autumn school will validate 5 ECTS based on presentation summaries made in the group.

Attendance is free.

Fabrice Wallois