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Publications Highlights February 2018

The following publications where shared in FB, Twitter and other social media

List compiled by Xiaosu (Frank) Hu

Brain Functional Changes before, during, and after Clinical Pain

Comparison of Immuno-PET of CD138 and PET imaging with 64CuCl2 and 18F-FDG in a preclinical syngeneic model of multiple myeloma

Time Domain Near Infrared Spectroscopy Device for Monitoring Muscle Oxidative Metabolism: Custom Probe and In Vivo Applications

Single-session communication with a locked-in patient by functional near-infrared spectroscopy

In situ printing of mesenchymal stromal cells, by laser-assisted bioprinting, for in vivo bone regeneration applications

Calibration of diffuse correlation spectroscopy with a time-resolved near-infrared technique to yield absolute cerebral blood flow measurements

Compact, multi-exposure speckle contrast optical spectroscopy (SCOS) device for measuring deep tissue blood flow

Affective and non-affective touch evoke differential brain responses in 2-month-old infants

Timing of cortical activation during spontaneous swallowing

Association of Fine Motor Loss and Allodynia in Fibromyalgia: An fNIRS Study

Shedding light on the neonatal brain: probing cerebral hemodynamics by diffuse optical spectroscopic methods

Effect of short-term colored-light exposure on cerebral hemodynamics and oxygenation, and systemic physiological activity

Comparison of Immuno-PET of CD138 and PET imaging with 64CuCl2 and 18F-FDG in a preclinical syngeneic model of multiple myeloma

A decade of imaging surgeons’ brain function (part II): A systematic review of applications for technical and nontechnical skills assessment

Multi-Modal Integration of EEG-fNIRS for Brain-Computer Interfaces – Current Limitations and Future Directions

Dynamics of the human brain network revealed by time-frequency effective connectivity in fNIRS

Time domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy with a high coherence pulsed source: in vivo and phantom results

A decade of imaging surgeons’ brain function (part I): Terminology, techniques, and clinical translation

Characterization of a fiber-less, multichannel optical probe for continuous wave functional near-infrared spectroscopy based on silicon photomultipliers detectors: in-vivo assessment of primary sensorimotor response.

Turbo-Satori: a neurofeedback and brain-computer interface toolbox for real-time functional near-infrared spectroscopy

A pilot randomized controlled trial of a new supplementary food designed to enhance cognitive performance during prevention and treatment of malnutrition in childhood

Cerebral time domain-NIRS: reproducibility analysis, optical properties, hemoglobin species and tissue oxygen saturation in a cohort of adult subjects

Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Enabling routine functional brain imaging

Stress Assessment Based on Decision Fusion of EEG and fNIRS Signals

Analytical models for time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy for multi-layer and heterogeneous turbid media