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A New fNIRS System from China

by Chunming Lu

Over the past decade, fNIRS has become increasingly popular for brain scanning in China. While more and more groups are applying fNIRS in their research programs, others are trying to develop systems. In 2015, a new system, BrainScan N3001, was released. BrainScan N3001 is the first commercially available fNIRS system developed in China by a Chinese company, Psyche-Ark Ltd, known for its BrainScan series.

The BrainScan N3001, the first model of this series, is a high performance multi-channel continuous-wave fNIRS system. This system has up to 16 laser sources and 36 detectors (APD) in a single unit (combinable), covering over 60 different measurement positions simultaneously. BrainScan N3001 is well designed and the technology is based in the photoelectric field. While the lasers are time division multiplexed and reach level 1 of laser safety, excellent hardware design makes it possible to run all 18 transmitters at a repetition rate above 18Hz. APD detectors are sensitive to the optical signal at nano-watt level.

This device is currently being used in clinical trials for CFDA certification. Additional clinical use will be explored in the BrainScan series. The company is available to provide scientific and technical information and support;

contact via info@xlfz.cn for more information.