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NIRS in the news – June 2018 to Feb 2019

The following compilation includes press notes as well as other resources e.g. youtube videos. Sorting is in reverse ordering to when we first came aware of the resource with newer ones atop. If you know of any other relevant news that you think it should be announced here, please do contact us with the event information so that we can be more comprehensive. For future issues, we encourage you to announce events in our Facebook group or in Tweeter using the hashtag #fNIRSinthenews .

SPIE Hardwiring the Brain

Nauman Nasser TEDx talk on Brain-Controlled Robotics

Nauman Naseer TEDx talk on Brain Controlled Robots
  • The video is is not yet available. We shall link it from here as soon as it becomes available.

Mary Lou Jepsen TED talk on How can we use light to see deep inside our bodies and brains

Maria Angela Franceschini awarded Aretino dell’anno

Sarah Lloyd-Fox awarded 2018 Wiley and British Academy Prize in Psychology

Several YouTube videos from the NIRx channel

Bedside light tool could detect baby brain injury earlier

Tutorial on Preprocessing and averaging of multi-channel NIRS data

BU Examining the Brain with Neurophotonics

Medical Xpress – Using fNIRS to evaluate surgical competency