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The Communication Committee is working on its internal procedures

By Heather Bortfeld and Felipe Orihuela-Espina

Since our last newsletter, we have dedicated some time to easing our internal procedures.

First, we created an internal guide for newsletter issue preparation on WordPress. The first draft of it is finished and is now under review. We also created a script to reformat PubMed searches to LaTeX that should help to semi-automatize the preparation of the fNIRS-related literature summary that usually appears in each new edition of the newsletter. It’s hard to believe that thus far these reviews have been prepared manually by members of the committee. Thank you, Felix! We hope not to lose the human touch that Felix brings to the compilation process, but at the same time we can’t ignore the fact that the pace of publications now too fast for any one of us to keep up. Nevertheless, we will continue to highlight those publications that are announced via the FB group or are accompanied by the #fNIRSpublication hashtag in Twitter.

With regards to this latter, as we start automatizing the mining of the posts made in our Facebook group or Twitter, we encourage you to include the following hashtags in your posts:

  • #fNIRS – For any post related to fNIRS and that might be relevant for this society
  • #fNIRSpublication – For new scientific publications
  • #fNIRSinthenews – For fNIRS news in press and in the media
  • #fNIRSjob – For fNIRS related job announcements, whether in industry or academia
  • #fNIRSevent – For any events related to fNIRS including conferences, symposia, workshops, winter and summer schools, etc.