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Wrap up evaluations of recent training courses

Several training courses took place during the last quarter with different goals and foci. Here, their organizers share overall assessments and future plans with regards to them.

The first fNIRS training course in Paris

By Judit Gervain

Judit Gervain and the Neuroscience and Cognition Institute of the University Paris Descartes hosted the first fNIRS traning course in Paris between 15-16 April 2019.

With 5 instructors and 17 participants from France, Belgium, and Germany, the 2-day course was a lively, interactive forum for novices, users with some experience, and experts to get together, learn, and share knowledge. The course covered the basic physiological and optical principles of NIRS, data analysis, as well as fNIRS research methods and hands-on practice. The theoretical courses were taught in French, the hands-on sessions were held in small groups in both French and English.

The course was a clear success. The organizers are excited to organize a new edition next year, with even more emphasis on data analysis, and possibly hold the course in English or bilingually in French and English.

Boston University webinar on the Introduction to Data Analysis with Homer 2

By Meryem Yucel

We started a Homer training webinar series again! We offer a 1 hour training webinar every 1 to two months. The webinar is open to anyone (registration required) and is designed to address questions raised by the HOMER community. We will offer future webinars at different times of the day to better accommodate people from different time zones.

Link to the webinar info and recordings of the previous webinars can be found on the Neurophotonics Center website: http://www.bu.edu/neurophotonics/fnirs-training/#webinar-info