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fNIRS-UK 2019 wrap-up

By Hamid Dehghani.

The fNIRS-UK 2019 meeting took place on 26-27th September 2019 with just over 100 attendees, including 14 Oral presentations and 37 total poster presentations.

Based on feedback from the 2017 meeting, a range of workshops were offered which included tutorials on Tissue Optics & Photon Propagation, Data analysis, Parameter recovery and image reconstruction with over 50 people attending. The feedback from these sessions were positive and the key message via polls indicated that majority of users appreciate training in data analysis, processing and data usability and access.

Official picture of fNIRS-UK 2019 attendants.

The presentations on Friday 27th covered a great range of topics including blood flow and metabolism, cerebral brain health, Global health (GlobalfNIRS), multi-modal system development and a new generation of wearable high density tomographic systems. We were privileged to welcome two Plenary speakers, Arjun Yodh from University of Pennsylvania who gave an overview of measuring Blood flow, Metabolism and Autoregulation, and Antonia Hamilton from UCL who presented the utilisation of fNIRS to study human social cognition.

Student poster presenters were also acknowledged this year for the quality and impact of their work, with Saeed Samaei from IBIB, Warsaw Poland wining first prize for his work on quantitative time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy. Zuzana Kovacsova from UCL and Joshua Deepak Veesa from University of Birmingham were joint runners up for their work on boardband multi-distant NIRS and spectrally constrained approaches to better quantify tissue oxygenation.

The overall feedback from attendees has been highly positive and we would like to thank all members of the Programme committee, Reviewers and workshop presenters. We are all now looking forward to the fNIRS meeting in Boston on 11-14th October 2020.