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The Society in the social networks: Highlights of activity between June and September 2019

This is an executive summary of some of the activity that has occurred in the past few months compiled from posts made to our Facebook group page and to Twitter.

Please note that not every post or news item is repeated here. We selected posts/items that we felt might be of greatest interest to society members. This necessarily involved some discretionary choices, but we made our best effort at fair representation of what’s going on.
Nevertheless, if you know about relevant activity that you think should be included here, please contact us with your comments so that we can be more comprehensive in our coverage. Also, for what it’s worth, the order of presentation here is arbitrary. For future newsletter issues, we encourage you to announce events via the Facebook group or on Twitter using the hashtag #fNIRS.

fNIRS was present in the 3rd neuroergonomics conference 2019

Posted by Lewis Chuang in Twitter September 28th

Prof Jochem Rieger shared numerous studies that sought to relate computational components of a driving model with different brain regions based on fNIRS activity whilst driving at the 3rd Neuroergonomics Conference 2019 in Germany.

Prof. Antonia Hamilton and Prof. Arjun Yodh gave keynote talks at fNIRS-UK

Posted by Ilias Tachtsidis in Twitter September 27th

Prof. David Boas gave plenary talk at Saratov Fall Meeting 2019 in Russia

Posted by Mari Franceschini in Twitter September 26th

NIRx fNIRS Training course

Posted by Michelle Ploughman on Twitter September 25th

The NIRx fNIRS training course received lots of Tweets both from attendants and from officials at NIRx. This included lectures from Ted Huppert and from Tom Zeffiro, among others.

Introducing fNIRS to brilliant Latin American students at the Latin American Training Program 2019

Posted by Mari Franceschini on FB September 6, 2019.

The Latin American Training Program 2019 from the Society for Neuroscience was an excellent opportunity for Mari Franceschini, Samuel Montero and Javier Herrera to introduce fNIRS to Latin American students. This is a region of the world still underrepresented in the fNIRS community.

First ever HD-DOT imaging in newborns

Posted by Rob Cooper in Twitter August 29, 2019.

Data acquired with Gowerlabs’ LUMO.

Using fNIRS to study audiovisual speech perception in cochlear implant users

Posted by Baris Yesilyurt in FB August 28, 2019.

NIRS-Box: A portable Time-Resolved Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Posted by Michele Lacerenza in FB on June 24, 2019.