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fNIRS 2020 Update in February 2020

Mari Franceschini, March 2020,

The conference webpage has all the details of the latest news. In brief:

Abstract submission will open March 20, 2020, and close June 15, 2020. These new later dates are due to the pandemic and the closure of many Universities worldwide.

The full list of speakers and sessions are now complete.

The registration for the conference and educational course are now open. Nominations for the early investigator award will open in Spring.

Finally, make sure you sign for the first fNIRS got talent!

Please register and submit your abstract following current deadlines. If due to the Covid19 pandemic we need to reschedule the conference, Registrations will be refunded and Abstract editing and submission will be reopened.

The conference will be organised around 8 oral sessions;

  • Aging including study of functional markers of neurodegeneration, AD, dementia, vascular disfunction. Invited speaker Dr. Ann-Christine Ehlis.
  • Clinical applications 1 focused on diagnosis, monitoring and therapy guidance in neonatal and pediatrics neurological diseases as hydrocephalous, hypoxic ischemic encephalophagy, epilepsy, stroke, intraventricular hemorrhage, sepsis, cochlear implant, etc. Invited speaker Dr. Mamadou Diop.
  • Clinical applications 2 focused on neuro-monitoring of patients in critical conditions, like traumatic brain injury, stroke, general anesthesia. Invited speaker Dr. Gregory W. Fischer.
  • Cognitive and social neuroscience. This session will include topics as hyperscanning, language processing, visual learning and statistical learning.  Invited speaker Dr. Simone Cutini.
  • Computational neuroscience and neuroscience applications, including modeling of development, structure, physiology and cognitive abilities of the nervous system. Invited speaker Dr. Sotaro Shimada.
  • Data analysis and algorithms, spanning novel data analysis methodologies both for spectroscopy and imaging, new opensource software toolboxes and machine learning methods. Invited speaker Dr. Paola Pinti.
  • Machine learning, neural network, brain computer interface, neuro-feedback, neuro-marketing. Invited speaker Dr. Keum-Shik Hong.
  • Neurodevelopmental neuroscience, spanning from normal brain development, to neurodevelopmental disorders including intellectual disability, communication disorder, autism spectrum disorders. Also included socioeconomic factors affecting developmental outcomes. Invited speaker Dr. Masami Yamaguchi .

Check the profile of our speakers. We are grateful to our sponsors for their support for the meeting.

There will be 22 mini-courses organised in toolboxes demonstrations, analysis methods, technological demos, experimental demos and demos. These are in addition to the Introductory course that has been taking place with fNIRS meetings since the beginning. Registration for the courses is not yet open, but we are already testing the registration system.

As part of the social program, we are organizing the first fNIRS talent show. The talent show will be part of the social event on October 13th 2020, at The Royale, Boston. Whatever your talent, register your performance.