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Communication strategy: diagnostic and planning

By Sergio Novi, Heather Bortfeld and Felipe Orihuela-Espina.

The SfNIRS have now several communications channels through which we aim to keep you updated and received your contributions; our mailing list managed from MailChimp, the bidirectional Facebook group where you can post your more recent fNIRS related news, our periodical newsletter summarizing the latest period, the society website for archiving and providing members only content, and the more recents Twitter account and YouTube channel. In this latter, you can find tutorials and webinars among others. Handling all these required us to sit and think about having a coherent strategy. Here is a summary of our diagnostics and new ideas. Please, give us your feedback!

Current Status:

  • FB Group: The FB is doing very well by itself. There is a heavy involvement of the community with researchers and industry posting their advances, such as papers, and are advertising meetings, etc.
  • Newsletter: We are doing 3-4 letters per year. Our statistics indicate that they are welcome in general, but perhaps we are falling trapped of a repetitive format.
  • Website: The website is functional, the info is being updated and has recently incorporated members only material. It has now integrated the previous function covered by club-express membership.
  • Mail list: Mails seem to be the more effective way of communication and outreach. We think it works well because their frequency is small not to be perceived as a nuisance.
  • Twitter: It has only 6 posts since July, so thus far, we have a content-related problem.
  • Youtube Channel: There are no open videos -all videos are unlisted- and we have only 33 subscribers. Again, this suggests that we have a content-related problem although this may only be the consequence of the channel still being very recent.

New ideas

  • Our mail list can be a means by which we can invite people to create and post content to the YouTube channel.
  • In next edition of the newsletter, we should introduce the society YouTube channel and invite people to create content (ppt slides introducing lab and specific research focus).
  • The “interview” concept that Gemma Bale started with Turgut in the last newsletter is great; we could use those interviews as content in the YouTube channel. We are inviting you to
  • More people are now submitting announcements about open positions more regularly to us, particularly as they see that their position announcements go straight to the website. We should keep encouraging this, yet still reviewing the social media with every newsletter issue.

We are asking you to…

  • Subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t yet done so.
  • Generate new YouTube content that you want us to share openly or unlisted in the society channel. In particular, we are inviting you to send us very short videos (4-5mins) about your work. Do it your own way! Ppt slides made into “videos” about individual labs, “tutorials” about individual approaches/software/analysis, whatever!
  • Share your links with us so that we can post to Twitter (we’ll post to avoid spam/bots)
  • Send us any new ideas and/or that you would like to see both on the website and the newsletter. Also, send us your critics and feedback on how you think we can improve.
  • Get involved in any way you like!