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Nominees for SfNIRS board elections 2021

By Nomination Committee, Alessandro Torricelli, Yasuyo Minagawa, Joy Hirsh

Due to the Pandemic situation, we have elections in 2021, i.e. one year later than planned and the next term will exceptionally be of 3 years duration, i.e. elections in 2024. The following positions are up for election:

President-elect (3 years): Mari Franceschini, currently Acting President, will become President and Clare Elwell Past President in October. So a new president-elect is needed.

Treasurer-elect (open term): David Boas soon will step down from treasurer and we need a replacement. 

Board of Directors (BoD) (5 years): Several members of the current BoD will step down in 2021. We need 6 new members of the BoD, two from South/North America, two from Asia/Oceania and two from Europe/Africa. We strive for a regional and gender balance.

To elect your favorite candidate, you have to be an active member of the SfNIRS. To become a member or to reinstate your membership go to https://fnirs.org/membership/

The election procedure will be posted there within the next days.


All listings are in alphabetical order by surname.

President elect

Treasurer elect

BOARD America

BOARD Asia and Oceania

BOARD Europe and Africa

*Affiliation will change to the University of Birmingham, UK as from September 2021