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Education Committee

The Education Committee of the fNIS Society was formed after the 2016 Paris meeting. It currently has 9 members, and it is chaired by Judit Gervain. The Committee’s mission is to provide society members with information about training opportunities, as well as to probe the training and educational needs of the broader fNIRS community. To this effect, the Committee seeks to accomplish several tasks in the near future. Specifically, it will compile a list of existing fNIRS traning courses, as well as a list of fNIRS data analysis software. It will create and share with the community a repository of articles, video tutorials, and datasets.  In collaboration with the Standardization Committee, it will test and compare analyses of the same dataset across different analysis programs and packages. The Committee also contributes to the organization of the training course at the upcoming meeting in Tokyo in 2018.

Judit Gervain, France

Silvia Benavides, Italy
Robert Cooper, UK
Lauren Emberson,USA
Christophe Grova, Canada
Sarah Lloyd-Fox, UK
Rickson Mesquita, Brazil
Yasuyo Minagawa, Japan
Hellmuth Obrig, Germany