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Past Officers

David Boas, Founding President, USA (2012-2016)
Clare Elwell, president, UK, (2016-2021)

Board Members
Richard Aslin, USA (2012-2018)
Joseph Culver, USA (2012-2018)
Clare Elwell, UK (2012-2014)
Maria Angela Franceschini, USA (2012-2018)
Yoko Hoshi, Japan (2012-2018)
Ted Huppert, USA (2012-2018)
Charles Nelson, USA (2012-2018)
Hellmuth Obrig, Germany (2012-2018)
Gentaro Taga, Japan (2012-2018)
Eiju Watanabe, Japan (2012-2018)
Arno Villringer, Germany (2012-2018)
Heather Bortfeld, USA (2014-2021)
Marco Ferrari, italy (2014-2021)
Turgut Durduran, Spain (2014-2021)