2021 SfNIRS Virtual Meeting Q&A: Keynote Richard Aslin

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Ruth Hurley
Ruth Hurley (@ruth-hurleymanchester-ac-uk)
7 days ago

Hi there is this talk on the main Zoom link?

BoasDavid (@boasdavid)
Reply to  Ruth Hurley
7 days ago

i believe so. I understand that all talks will be on the same zoom link

Ruth Hurley
Ruth Hurley (@ruth-hurleymanchester-ac-uk)
Reply to  BoasDavid
7 days ago

Thanks  BoasDavid :) I was a bit thrown because of the timing

PintiPaola (@pintipaola)
7 days ago

Thanks very much for your talk, I loved it.

My question relates to what you just presented about the approaches to reduce physiological interferences in infants fNIRS
Some preliminary investigation on infants have shown that the use of short separation channels in infants does not improve massively the SNR. As also Joy Hirsh group has also shown, deoxyhemoglobin seems to be a more robust indicator of brain activity but this is hardly used or reported in infants’ studies. Do you think that also within this field we should start using deoxyHB as well to improve the spatial sensitivity of fNIRS and to gain a better understanding of the neurovascular coupling in infants?