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fNIRS 2022 GatherTown instructions

Step 1: Entering Gather Town

  1. You can join the platform using browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Microsoft Edge. GatherTown is not supported on Safari and mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc).
  2. Once you enter the platform, name the avatar with your full name and institution (abbreviated ), and email address. Ensure your full name and email is the one associated with your registration. Allow access for your camera and microphone, and click enter.
  3. To navigate the space, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your avatar (more information can be found here).
  4. The platform is a proximity video chat – this enables users to automatically see and hear other users when they are within a certain distance from each other.

Step 2: Navigation

  1. When you join SfNIRS GatherTown, you will be in the centre of the main lobby, as shown in Figure 1.

    SfNIRS GatherTown Main Lobby
  2. There are 4 poster rooms, 1 sponsor room and 1 beach area open for use this year. You can follow the arrow keys on the road to enter the door marked with the name of the poster sessions, sponsor booths and beach.
  3. After entering the poster room, you can see the poster board with poster ID corresponding to the conference program (see Figure 2). Please check the program brochure for poster numbers.



Step 3: Poster interaction

  1. To interact with a poster, walk into the poster section until you see a preview of the poster and then press ’X’ key to interact with it.
  2. After pressing ‘X’, attendees will be able to view the poster in full screen and chat with others who have joined the same poster, if the microphones and cameras are active.
  3. The poster presenter can move their poster and share their screen to the audience by press ‘screenshare’ in the bottom.



SfNIRS GatherTown was created  by Dr. Fen Zhang in 2021. She modified it for fNIRS 2022. We all thank her for all the work on making and maintaining this page!!!  The park, bar and beach at the SfNIRS GatherTown were named by Professor Ilias Tachtsidis in 2021.
If there are any technical issues with this Gather Town platform during the conference, please contact: