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fNIRS 2024 Conference Registration (non-members virtual)

If you want to get member rates please consider becoming a member: https://fnirs.org/membership/

Conference Registration Form (non-member virtual rates)

fNIRS 2024 Conference Registration (non-members virtual)
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Conference registration Payment

In-person registration includes access to all presentation, coffee breaks, lunch, and reception. It also includes access to all virtual components

Virtual only registration includes live-streaming zoom access to the conference and chat. Access to GatherTown posters viewing and to the special posted virtual session

Payment Conference Registration NON-MEMBER Rates
These are NON MEMBER rates. If you are a member do not use this form. Please log-in and use the members registration form. Please note that postdoctoral fellows pay the regular fee. Students must provide a letter from their advisor confirming student status.

Once you press continue you will be redirected to the payment page. You will not be registered until the payment is completed.