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fNIRS 2024 Educational Course Registration

Choosing the member rate below requires proof of an active membership until September 15, 2024. If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming a member of the society for smaller rates to avoid having to pay at the conference site: https://fnirs.org/membership/

Educational Course Registration Form

fNIRS 2024 Educational Program Registration
If you are also registering for the conference and-or if you are member of the society, this is expected to match the e-mail associated to your conference registration and/or your information in the society membership account.
Please confirm your email
If you also register for the main conference we shall use your credentials there to generate your badge. If left empty, we will generate a standard badge from the information on the other fields of this form.

The following information is needed for reporting purposes for SfNIRS's funding grants. Your answer is greatly appreciated, but not required.

None of the information we capture during the registration process is shared outside of the conference administration.

Outside of vegetarian, is not guaranteed your dietary restriction can be accommodated.admin@fnirs.org will contact you.

Conference registration

Course preferences - Find course descriptions here: http://fnirs2024.fnirs.org/educational-course/minicourses/
Please check all courses you plan to attend.
Educational Program
The registration fee includes a 2 hours introductory general lecture and a series of minicourses. Opting for member registration requires proof of your membership to be active until September 15, 2024.