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fNIRS 2022 Posters Blitz Program

October 3 2022

Zoom Poster Blitz Session 1: 8:00-9:00 AM EDT  
3 minutes oral presentations

Session Chairs: Androu Abdalmalak, Western University, Canada, Caterina Amendola, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

PS1_87_274 – Measuring apnea progression and recovery in free divers through a self-calibrated SpO2 measurement, Alexander Ruesch, Carnegie Mellon University

PS2_37_185 – Investigating effects of Modulation Frequency for High Density Diffuse Optical Tomography in Neonates, Weihao Fan, Washington University in St. Louis

PS3_23_276 – NIRS-PPG to assess cerebral vasculature health, Kuan-Cheng Wu, Massachusetts General Hospital

PS2_61_221 – Increased neural coupling and ratings of subjective connection during face-to-face gaze and harmonious music, Amanda Watts | AZA Stephen Allsop, Yale University

PS1_33_64 – High Cognitive Load Needs Greater Brain Signal Variability: A Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Study, Hong Li, Beijing Normal University

PS1_72_130 – The reproducibility of infant fNIRS studies: a meta-analytic approach, Jessica Gemignani, University of Padova

PS2_04_85 – Altered functional connectivity patterns in term newborns with neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome revealed by resting-state functional near-infrared spectroscopy, Lingkai Tang, Western University

PS1_43_77 – Cortical Activation during signal leg stance in Alpine skier using fNIRS  A case study, Haroon Khan, OsloMet – storbyuniversitetet

PS2_31_179 – Synchronization of brain activity associated with eye contact: Comparison of face-to-face and online communication, Ren Sato, Shibaura Insstitute of Technology

PS2_65_225 – Sex Differences in Neural Profiles of Toddlers at Risk for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Haylee Hudson, Boys Town National Research Hospital

PS3_65_339 – Two-in-one system and behavior-specific brain synchrony during cooperative goal-free creation, Mingdi Xu | Yasuyo Minagawa, Keio University

PS3_47_312 – The space-time of effective neural connectivity for fNIRS, Alejandra Rocha Solache, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica

PS1_60_108 – Development of cortical processing of dynamic bodies in infancy, Megumi Kobayashi, Niigata University

October 4 2022

Virtual Posters in the Spotlight Session: 8:00-9:00 AM EDT To see the video recordings click here
10 minutes oral presentations

Session Chairs: Stephane Perrey, University of Montpellier, France, Guy Perkins, University of Birmigham UK

PSV_24_324 – Wavelet analysis of cerebral haemodynamic and metabolic changes during cardiac surgery, Kirill Soulov, University of Queensland

PSV_19_241 – Assessment of functional plasticity in children with cerebral palsy in response to robotic-assisted gait training, David Perpetuini, University of Chieti-Pescara

PSV_27_348 – Towards an optical simulator for time-domain cerebral tissue oximetry, Aleh Sudakou, Polish Academy of Sciences

PSV_02_15 – Dose-response relationship of iTBS for prefrontal activation and executive function: A TMS-fNIRS study, Bella B.B. Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PSV_10_118 – Changes in cerebral oxygenation and systemic physiology in good, moderate and poor performers of a verbal fluency task under blue light exposure, Hamoon Zohdi, University of Bern

October 5 2022

Zoom Poster Blitz Session 2: 8:00-9:00 AM EDT. To see the video recordings click here
3 minutes oral presentations

Session Chairs: Hubin Zhao, University College London, UK, Samuel Montero-Hernandez, University of Houston, USA

PSV_09_116 – Broadband NIRS reveals protection of neuro-vascular and neuro-metabolic coupling by nimodipine in an animal model of cerebral small vessel disease, Zhiyuan Yang, University College London

PS1_04_13 – Coupling of peripheral and cerebral hemodynamics across wake and light NREM sleep, Vidhya Vijayakrishnan Nair, Purdue University

PS1_69_125 – Modulation of language-related networks during movie-viewing using whole-head fNIRS, Isabel Nichoson, Haskins and Yale School of Medicine

PS2_78_249 – High-density, multi-distance fNIRS for improved detection of frontotemporal activation during Verbal Fluency Task, Jessica E Anderson, Boston University

PS3_70_347 – Detection of Low-to-High Level Auditory Processing Using fNIRS Was Associated with Good Outcome in an Unresponsive Patient, Reza Moulavi-Ardakani, Western University

PS1_14_32 – Towards a fully integrated Smart Textile patch-based cap for multi-distance CW fNIRS whole-head imaging, Christian Bartkowski, NIRx Medical Technologies

PS2_74_244 – The role of theory of mind in childrens lying behavior: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study, Yibiao Liang, University of Massachusetts Boston

PS2_38_186 – Using fNIRS to investigate the neural correlates of distraction in 8-month-old infants, Giulia Serino, University of London

PS1_23_47 – Characterization and detection of intracranial pressure alterations by hybrid diffuse optics in benign external hydrocephalus children, Susanna Tagliabue, ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

PS3_74_357 – Concurrent associations between parent-infant interactions and cortical selectivity to social auditory and visual stimuli in 5-month-old infants: a preliminary study, Dianna Ilyka, University of Cambridge

PSV_13_172 – A comparative study on the global topological properties of the human brain at rest with simultaneous fMRI and fNIRS, Victor Sanchez, University of Campinas

PSV_08_112 – LIONirs: flexible Matlab toolbox for fNIRS data analysis, Julie Tremblay | Anne Gallagher, Université de Montréal

PS3_45_310 – The neural correlates of metaphor: An fNIRS Study, Anna Schwartz, Northeastern University

October 6 2022

Zoom Poster Blitz Session 3: 8:00-9:00 AM EDT  To see the video recordings click here
3 minutes oral presentations

Session Chairs: Haijing Niu, Beijing Normal University, China, Fen Zhang, ICFO, Spain

PS2_33_181 – Functional Brain Connectivity in Infancy and Cognitive Outcomes at 3 Years, Carly Tiras, Boston Children’s Hospital

PSV_38_319 – Comparing motion correction techniques for resting-state functional connectivity analysis in compliant healthy adults, Costanza iester, University of Genoa

PS1_30_58 – Functional human brain mapping in adults with whole-head ultra-high-density diffuse optical tomography, Morgan Fogarty, Washington University in St. Louis

PS2_50_204 – Short-separation Regression Incorporated Diffuse Optical Tomography (SS-DOT), Yuanyuan Gao, Boston University

PS1_51_92 – Effects of red blood cell transfusion on cerebral oxygenation and perfusion of preterm neonates, Caterina Amendola, Politecnico di Milano

PS2_62_222 – Assessing inhibitory pain mechanisms and neural activity in patients with endometriosis-associated pain, Claire E Lunde, University of Oxford

PS3_09_246 – Whole-head high-density diffuse optical tomography in infants, Liam H. Collins-Jones, University College London

PS3_50_315 – Functional connectivity during subjective audio quality assessments: An fNIRS study, Kazuma Okamoto, Chuo University

PS1_66_121 – Diffuse Optical Detection of Intracranial Hypertension in a Piglet Model of Hydrocephalus, Wesley B. Baker, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

PS1_10_27 – Moving towards naturalistic infant fNIRS – A Pilot Study, Aleksandra A. W. Dopierala, University of British Columbia

PS2_69_230 – A deep convolutional neural network for estimating HRF with reduction of motion artifacts in fNIRS, Sungho Tak, Korea Basic Science Institute

PS2_68_229 – Unravelling the stimulus-evoked fNIRS responses in sleeping infants., Gautam Balasubramanian, Bionics Institute


We thank Dr. Sabrina Brigadoi, University of Padua, Italy, chair of the virtual program for setting up this exciting and diverse program.