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Educational tutorials

This page has a list of upcoming educational tutorials and an archive of past ones with links to the recorded sessions.

Upcoming tutorials

Link to next tutorial: TBA

28-Apr-2022John RichardsTBA
12-May-2022Ted HuppertTBA
17-Jun-2022Felipe Orihuela-Espina(Spanish) Una introducción al análisis basado en variedades para neuroimagen óptica funcional (fNIRS)
24-Jun-2022Felipe Orihuela-Espina(English) An introduction to manifold based analysis for fNIRS
22-Sep-2022Chiara BulgarelliTBA
TBAAdam Eggebrecht & Joe CulverTBA
16-Nov-2022Topun AustinTBA
TBABenjamin ZinszerTBA

Past tutorials

13th July 2021Sarah Lloyd-FoxGoing Global: moving fNIRS out of weird settingshttps://youtu.be/wsuGjMj8aHE
8th July 2021Rickson MesquitafNIRS data variabilityhttps://youtu.be/Wee2QClGBwY
28th June 2021Luca PolloniniData quality assessmenthttps://youtu.be/VeCL9q9iqSo
21st June 2021Alex von LühmannBlind source separation, tCCA GLM methodhttps://youtu.be/HX7X32EI_zQ
10th June 2021Jessica GemignaniInfant data analysishttps://youtu.be/z1Wzr2QLam0
26th May 2021Hamid DehghaniParameter recovery and image reconstruction in fNIRShttps://youtu.be/z7vjQ4WoKco
19th May 2021Hamid DehghaniModels of light propagation in Tissuehttps://youtu.be/Got4cRRZOMI
13th May 2021Alessandro TorricelliTime-domain fNIRShttps://youtu.be/sRamf2E63SQ
23rd April 2021Christophe GrovaNIRSTORM software demohttps://youtu.be/9uX2oDtg9j8
Apr 12th, 2021David BoasHomer High Density Image Reconstructionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNrGA_TCPvQ
Sep 18th, 2020Silvia Benavides-VarelaPrincipios básicos del fNIRS (nivel introductorio) – In Spanishhttps://youtu.be/M7s43gAtltY
July 1st, 2020Hellmuth ObrigIntroduction to the basic principles of fNIRShttps://youtu.be/cYk_Jo4boYg