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SfNIRS Summer School 2023

The Summer School is followed by the fNIRS Italy conference: https://lilia.dpss.psy.unipd.it/fnirs-italy/





Dates: 3-5 July 2023 (preceding the fNIRS Italy conference, 6-7 July 2023)

Location: Padua, Italy.

  • The event is in person only.


  • for courses: Psychology Campus, University of Padua, CLA Building (via Venezia 16, Padua), lecture room with 70 seats (room 1L) – AV system, chairs and tables available
  • for coffee breaks and sponsors: two adjacent small rooms with tables and chairs (rooms 1G and 1H)

Transportation: Padua is easily accessible from Venice International Airport by car (30-45min) or by a direct bus (45min-1h); Venice International Airport serves major international destinations and airlines, especially in the summer months

Accommodation Options: Padua has a broad selection of hotels and apartments for rent in all price ranges



The program is still subject to change.

 Monday 3rd July 2023Tuesday 4th July 2023Wednesday 5th July 2023
9:00-10:30Judit Gervain:
Basic Principles of NIRS and Experimental Designs
Felipe Orihuela-Espina: Advanced fNIRS data analysis 2Alessandro Torricelli:
Time domain fNIRS: theory and practice
10:30-11:00coffee breakcoffee breakcoffee break
11:00-12:30Ana Flò:
An introduction to fNIRS data analysis
Guy Perkins:
Image reconstruction for diffuse optical tomography
Chiara Bulgarelli: Advantages and challenges of using fNIRS to assess functional connectivity: an introductory course
12:30-14:00lunch breaklunch breaklunch break
14:00-15:30Sabrina Brigadoi: Advanced fNIRS data analysis 1  Lab Visit (Judit, Gervain, Jessica Gemignani)Sarah Lloyd-Fox: Taking fNIRS out of the research lab to study infant development
15:30-16:00coffee breakcoffee breakcoffee break
16:00-17:30sponsor hands-on sessionLab Visit (Judit, Gervain, Jessica Gemignani)Q & A session / Data Clinic – all instructors

A social dinner will be held on Tuesday 7pm.


Registration is now closed.

The maximum number of participants is 70.

Registration for members of the SfNIRS
Proceed to registration for members
200 Euros
Registration for non-members of the SfNIRS
Proceed to registration for non-members
275 Euros

If you have questions, contact Judit Gervain at judit.gervain@unipd.it