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fNIRS 2022 Conference Registration

In-person registration is now closed. You can still register and attend virtually

In-person registration increased 35% on September 9 2022 and closed on September 22 2022. There is not onsite registration.

SfNIRS Members

  • Regular in-person $540 CLOSED
  • Student in-person $340 CLOSED
  • Regular virtual only $320
  • Student virtual only $200


Non Members

  • Regular in-person $700 CLOSED
  • Student in-person $400 CLOSED
  • Regular virtual only $420
  • Student virtual only $250


To become a SfNIRS member please visit https://fnirs.org/membership/

Please note:

After you register to the conference it may take few days to activate your fNIRS2022 subscription. You will be able to see the limited access webpages only after your subscription is activated. Subscription is done manually and you will get an email when activated. If you cannot access those pages after 2 days email admin@fnirs.org

Postdoctoral fellows pay the regular fee

Students must provide a letter from their advisor confirming student status

In-person registration includes access to all presentation, coffee breaks, lunch and reception. It also includes access to all virtual conference components

Virtual only registration includes live-streaming zoom access to the conference and chat. Access to GatherTown posters viewing and to the Zoom posted oral session

For the society members rates, the membership must be valid through October 13, 2022.

Check and renew your SfNIRS membership status at https://fnirs.org/login/my-account/

To participate to the social event on October 11 2022 we ask you to pay a nominal fee of $10.  The nominal fee is required for planning purposes. Guest fee $50. Tickets will not be sold at the venue. Under 21 not admitted.

For more informations about the social event click here

Visa Informations

Those needing assistance with letters of invitation for visa requirements should contact Stacey Ladieu at: 


For move information visit https://fnirs2022.fnirs.org/travel-info/travel-to-the-usa/

Refund policy

Refunds can be made only if the registrant notifies Stacey Ladieu of the cancellation by September 20, 2022

All funds will be reimbursed except for a cancellation fee of $25 USD

Last minute in-person cancellations due to Covid-19 infection or inability to obtain a Visa will be converted to virtual-only registration fees. Proof required.