Educational tutorials

This page has a list of upcoming educational tutorials and an archive of past ones with links to the recorded sessions.

Upcoming tutorials

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TBDRob CooperShort channels, high-density sampling and imaging approaches

Past tutorials

13th JulySarah Lloyd-FoxTBA
8th JulyRickson MesquitafNIRS data variability
28th June 2021Luca PolloniniData quality assessment
21st June 2021Alex von LühmannBlind source separation, tCCA GLM method
10th June 2021Jessica GemignaniInfant data analysis
26th May 2021Hamid DehghaniParameter recovery and image reconstruction in fNIRS
19th May 2021Hamid DehghaniModels of light propagation in Tissue
13th May 2021Alessandro TorricelliTime-domain fNIRS
23rd April 2021Christophe GrovaNIRSTORM software demo
Apr 12th, 2021David BoasHomer High Density Image Reconstruction
Sep 18th, 2020Silvia Benavides-VarelaPrincipios básicos del fNIRS (nivel introductorio) – In Spanish
July 1st, 2020Hellmuth ObrigIntroduction to the basic principles of fNIRS