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Artinis, The Netherlands

Artinis offers continuous-wave NIRS instruments including the Brite23Oxymon, OctamonOctamon MiniPortaLite, PortaLite Mini, and PortaMon.

BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

BIOPAC offers fNIR Devices functional near infrared optical imaging systems, which measure oxygen level changes in the prefrontal cortex of human subjects.

Cephalogics, USA

Cephalogics is developing an advanced neuromonitoring system to display cortical hemodynamic data and imaging.


Gowerlabs offers the NTS Optical Imaging System and more.

Hamamatsu, Japan

Hamamatsu’s NIRO line includes several continuous-wave NIRS instruments.

Hitachi, Japan

Hitachi offers the ETG 4000 optical topography system and probes for real-time cerebral cortex imaging and measurement.


ISS offers frequency-domain NIRS instruments including the OxiplexTS, Imagent and MetaOx systems.


MRRA Inc. fNIRS systems feature hair-penetrating optodes and spread spectrum modulation of illuminators.


NIRx Medical Technologies offers several tomographic imaging systems based on continuous-wave NIRS technology.

Serving scientists in the adoption of novel optical technologies for studying the brain and other organs, by isseminating hardware and software technologies, and by providing training opportunities.

openNIRS Hardware

Open source documentation and design files for a miniaturized mobile, modular, low-channel CW fNIRS device to facilitate custom designs.

Rogue Research, Canada

Rogue Research manufactures Brainsight NIRS, designed specifically for multi-modal use with EEG, TMS, MEG and fMRI.

Shimadzu, Japan

Shimadzu offers the next-generation optical brain-function measurements for lab (LABNIRS) and portable (LIGHTNIRS) use. Further details  here.

TechEn, Inc, USA

TechEn offers two near-infrared spectroscopy systems: the NIRS2 CE and CW6 real-time systems.

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