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SfNIRS Newsletter, July 2014

Early Announcement
fNIRS 2014
Montreal Canada
October 10-12, 2014
This conference is expected to start Friday morning and conclude Sunday afternoon.
It will be preceded the day before by an educational workshop.
Watch fNIRS.org for more details.
Abstract submission deadlines will be announced to this list-server as well as on fNIRS.org.

fNIRS Special Issue in Neuroimage
Accepted papers are appearing on-line.
You can browse the on-line ahead of print papers here.

Call for Papers in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
– “Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in functional research of prefrontal cortex”
Further information here.
Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Aug 2013
Deadline for full article submission: 30 Sep 2013

fNIRS Course in Boston
Oct 24-25, 2013
at Massachusetts General Hospital. This 2-day course provides an introduction to fNIRS with hands-on training in the use of NIRS instrumentation. This is followed by lectures exemplifying applications of fNIRS. The second day then focuses on data analysis with hands-on training with Homer2.
Further information here.

Homer2 Tutorial: Simple Probe

The MGH Optics Division has uploaded a new Homer2 tutorial. This includes a basic introduction to the screen layout, how to view data from different sources and detectors, how to execute a simple processing script to convert from intensity to optical density to concentration, how to bandpass filter the data, and how to block average the response to a stimulus. Watch the tutorial below, or find it on the Homer2 website.