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Job Posting 2017

October 2017

Doctoral Studentships @ Bionics Institute, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
I’m looking for two new PhD students at the moment, both using fNIRS brain imaging technology! If you know any star undergrads in Australia or who want to move to Australia and work in hearing science, let me know!
One project will be based at the Bionics Institute in Melbourne, and will use fNIRS to examine ‘listening effort’ in people who use cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids. This project is funded by Oticon Medical, and is based in Melbourne but will involve a study period at Oticon in Lille, France.
The other project is based in Sydney, under the main supervision of David McAlpine at the Australian Hearing Hub. A study period will be spent with me in Melbourne too. This project also uses fNIRS, but also EEG and MEG to examine how the auditory system uses our two ears together to create a ‘sense of space.’
Both projects are cutting edge science, fully-funded and include a stipend. Please get in touch with me (hinnes-brown@bionicsinstitute.org) for more information!

Doctoral Studentship @ ICFO, Barcelona, Spain
We are currently offering 8 PhD positions available within the ICFOstepstone fellowship program (H2020 MCSA-COFUND action at ICFO), to start doctoral studies in March-February 2018. Detailed information about the PhD-program is
available at http://phd.icfo.eu . Some of these positions can be in our group. Please be aware the Marie Curie COFUND positions are highly competitive and come with extraordinary benefits for the students. Please contact Turgut Durduran if you have any questions about the type of projects in our group.
Deadline: September 17th 2017

Doctoral Studentship @ Bionics Institute, Melbourne, Australia
We have a new PhD studentship open at the Bionics Institute in Melbourne! It’s funded by Oticon and is a collaboration with Oticon Medical in Lille, France, and Eriksholm in Denmark.
It’s about using fNIRS to measure listening effort in Cochlear Implant users, and people with bone-anchored hearing aids.
We are looking for that special someone who is happy to get stuck into brain imaging data analysis, and who also loves working with people! I know that person exists out there somewhere, get in touch with me if you know anyone who might fit the bill, and I will forward some more details.
Please email an expression of interest including details of relevant experience, along with your CV and academic transcripts to Professor Colette McKay (cmckay@bionicsinstitute.org), or email Professor McKay if you would like more information before applying.
Deadline: August 31st 2017.

Postdoctoral Research Associate @ Northeastern University, Boston, USA
Postdoc opportunity in Boston: My lab is hiring 1-2 postdoc research associates with a special emphasis on cognitive neuroscience methods (e.g. EEG, fMRI, fNIRS) to work with children and young adults. Interested? Please help spreading the words.

Postdoctoral Position @ ICFO, Barcelona, Spain
In case anyone if interested in doing some work in our group on fNIRS/fDCS etc, this mechanism — mainly for more senior postdocs with good CV — provides a great opportunity for career advancement and good salaries.

Please contact me if you are interested: Turgut Durduran.

Postdoctoral Research Associate @ UPenn, USA
We have an opening for a post doc or possibly for someone post postdoc in need of a research associate position.
The position will deal with assimilating and interpreting the massive (seemingly) amount of data we are getting from our patients with the UPenn DCS system (with ICG injection) compared to data obtained from invasive monitors in our neurocritical care patients. Anyone who is ready to move on and perhaps experience the USA please contact me. The post doc position is listed on the upenn post doc page: https://www.med.upenn.edu/apps/my/index.php…
The research associate position for someone who has already done a post doc is at: http://www.med.upenn.edu/a…/faculty_ad/index.php/g319/d4661…
If anyone knows of any excellent grad students or post docs who may want to apply for one of these positions, please refer them to me.
Andrew Kofke MD

Electronic Engineer Technician @ Dept of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering Multimodal Spectroscopy Group ,University College London – UCL, London
We’re recruiting! We’re looking for an engineer to build some exciting new systems for our new public engagement project: MetaboLight.

Postdoctoral Position @ University of L’Aquila, Italy
One year Post-doc position is available at the University of L’Aquila Italy.
Non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy/imaging for cerebral cortex functional mapping in response to different stimuli: methodological development and new applications in clinics.
Deadline: June 9th 2017
For further details please contact Prof. Valentina Quaresima at valentina.quaresima@univaq.it

Doctoral Studentship @ School for Computing at Lancaster University, UK
PhD studentships (EU HORIZON 2020) are available in the School for Computing at Lancaster University (UK) – they may appeal to a broader audience due to the major topic of the project: wearable technologies for mental health.
Deadline: June 1st 2017

PhD Studentship in Biomedical Signal Processing
The Neonatal Brain Research Group at the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT), University College Cork, invites applications for a PhD opportunity in biomedical engineering. The 4-year funded programme is available to those interested in developing new methods in signal processing for the early detection of brain injury in premature infants in intensive care. Dr. John O’ Toole and Prof. Geraldine Boylan will supervise the PhD programme.
To apply, please visit: https://www.ucc.ie/en/hr/vacancies/research/full-details-799159-en.html

PhD Position in Cancer Theranostics using Nanomaterials and Near Infrared Light
University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) is seeking a PhD student to design and synthesise a single near infrared (NIR) excitable nanoplatform for the imaging, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment, via photodynamic therapy, of cancer. The NIR excitable nanoplatform will be based on upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) that will be used as multicarriers of targeting agents, diagnostic tools and therapeutic drugs.
To apply, please visit: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/244647

April 2017

Postdoctoral Research Associate @ University of Calgary, AB

We’re hiring! ****Post-doctoral position: applying functional brain imaging in studies of neurological disorders*****

Postdoctoral Research Associate @ INAOE, Puebla, Mexico

New postdoc research assistant position on fNIRS analysis available at the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), Mexico.

Doctoral Studentships @ University of East Anglia, UK

Fully funded PhD studentships available at UEA for Global fNIRS projects (UK, India). Contact me if you are interested.

Postdoctoral fellowships, research engineer and clinical positions @ ICFO, Barcelona, Spain

Here at ICFO (Barcelona, Spain), we have a bunch of openings in my group at different levels for fNIRS and for general biomedical optics. Backgrounds range from physics to engineering to medical degrees.

http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=301,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=302,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=278,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=266,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=277,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=284,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=276,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=298,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=287,    http://jobs.icfo.es/?detail=303

Postdoctoral Researcher @ Birbeck, London, UK

Please see our advert for a new postdoctoral researcher position on our BRIGHT project. The post is focused on the development, collection and analysis of behavioural data about the infant and their family, as well as integration with neuroimaging data. It will be primarily based in the UK with opportunities to go to the Gambia. If anyone has any queries please feel free to contact me directly at s.fox@bbk.ac.uk.

Postdoctoral Position @ Baylor, Scott & White, Temple, TX, USA

We are seeking candidates for post-doctoral studies of fNIRS on cerebral hemodynamics during cardiothoracic surgery. Salary range is based on NIH payscale. Principal resources include 3T fMRI, EEG and high density fNIRS. Also, opportunity to work with industry developers. Send CV’s to: daniel.lee@bswhealth.org; rbarbour@downstate.edu

Postdoctoral Position @ Concordia, Montreal, Canada – PostdocProposal_2016

Please see below the opportunity for a postdoctoral position in EEG-NIRS in epilepsy available in my lab.

The candidate will join a multidisciplinary team composed of neurologists and methodologists within the Multimodal Functional Imaging Laboratory, directed by Pr. Christophe Grova. The laboratory is actually based on two sites: (i) Physics Dpt at Concordia University and PERFORM center, (ii) Biomedical Engineering Dpt and epilepsy group of the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University. Both environments offer unique platforms with access to several modalities (simultaneous high-density EEG/fMRI, MEG, simultaneous EEG/NIRS, TMS). The main expertise of the team is the development and the validation of source localization methods dedicated for EEG, MEG and NIRS as well as multimodal characterization of resting state brain activity.

Project: Multimodal investigation of epileptic activity using simultaneous EEG/MEG and EEG/NIRS acquisitions.

While methodological developments in the lab will consist in 3D reconstruction of the generators of EEG, MEG and NIRS signals and assessing multimodal concordances between bioelectrical neuronal signals and hemodynamic processes, the purpose of this Postdoctoral project will be to assess the integrity of neurovascular coupling processes at the time of epileptic discharges, using a unique multimodal environment involving EEG/MEG (Pellegrino et al HBM 2016), EEG/NIRS (Pellegrino et al Frontiers in Neurosc. 2016) and also EEG/fMRI recordings (Heers et al HBM 2014). Close collaborations with the epilepsy group of the Montreal Neurological Institute, involving notably Dr E. Kobayashi MD-PhD, Dr F. Dubeau MD-PhD and Dr. J. Gotman PhD, will provide access to patient populations and additional clinical expertise for this project.

Requirements: The candidate should be an MD (neurologist) with previous training in epileptology and neurophysiology (EEG). Expertise in analyzing MEG or NIRS signals and/or computational skills including neuroimaging softwares are appreciated additional qualification. The candidate should be fluent in English (and if possible French) due to the patient population studied.

Doctoral Studentship@ Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences/ University Leipzig, Germany – 

I am looking for a motivated PhD student working with me on an fNIRS-EEG project on early language acquisition

(DFG-funded, 3 years, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences/ University Leipzig, Germany).