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The SfNIRS Society is an international society and therefore we aim to hold conferences regularly in all regions of the world. The conference of the SfNIRS society takes place every 2 years and alternates between Europe (2024), Asia (2026) and America (2028), .

If you are interested in hosting a conference please contact us.

Upcoming  Conferences

 fNIRS 2024 Birmingham, September 11-15 2024

The next in-person conference will be held in Birmingham, UK. Erin Buckley, Felipe Orihuela-Espina, Hamid Dehghani and Javier Andreu-Pérez are chairing the conference.


 Past Conferences

fNIRS 2022, Boston

 fNIRS 2021 virtual conference,  October 18-22 2021 (schedule and chat at https://fnirs.org/conferences/2021-sfnirs-virtual-conference-schedule/)

fNIRS Datablitz 2020, Virtual

fNIRS 2018, Tokyo

fNIRS 2016, Paris

fNIRS 2014, Montreal

fNIRS 2012, London

fNIRS 2010, Boston