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Publications Highlights May-June 2015

Posted 14-June-2015

Rodrigo Forti:
These are the papers that were, in my opinion, the most relevant to the fNIRS community:

Wilcox T. and Biondi M., Object processing in the infant: lessons from neuroscience, Trends Cogn. Sci. 2015 May 22
This is an excellent paper on cognitive processes behind object processing in the infant. They go through a lot of different findings from fNIRS studies and managed to bring a “new understanding of the cognitive and neural architecture in infants that supports their emerging object-processing capacities”. It’s a great start pointing for people willing to work with infants, since it describe the underlying architecture of the brain during the first year of life, going into details of how the brain process object individuation.

Zhen Li, Hanli Liu, Xuhong Liao, Jingping Xu, Wenli Liu, Fenghua Tian, Yong He, and Haijing Niu, Dynamic functional connectivity revealed by resting-state functional near-infrared spectroscopy,Biomedical Optics Express, Vol 6, Issue 7, pp 2337-2352 (2015)
This paper has some really interesting ideas on how to work with time dependent function connectivity using whole head resting-state fNIRS data. More important then their results is their discussion on the subtleties of interpreting time dependent functional connectivity data from the brain. There are a lot of interesting under-developed ideas to get from their article, which are quite promising.

There are a couple of other papers that caught my attention, but might not be a general interest, thus I will just cite them:

Hope these are going to be useful for the community.


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