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SfNIRS Newsletter May 2022

Welcome to the May 2022 issue of the SfNIRS newsletter, covering the period from January 2022 through April 2022. The Society’s biennial meeting, fNIRS 2022, is fast approaching, the program is ready, registration for courses and abstract submissions are open, and preparations are going smoothly. Much is going on in the fNIRS world: an EDI committee has been formed, the communications committee has many new faces, and you likely have noticed an increase in society-related emails. Here is a summary of all that has been going on over the last few months.


fNIRS 2022 Updates

By Maria Angela Franceschini and Ippeita Dan

We are excited about the return of our meeting face-to-face! fNIRS 2022 will be held in Boston between October 9th and 12th. As the date for our biennial meeting approaches, the last few months have been hectic. If you have been following us on social media, you surely are aware of some of the goings-on. But if you’ve missed the announcements, the following provides a summary.


Nominations for the first community award are now open

By Martin Wolf and Joe Culver

With this award, the Society for functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy would like to honor a member for its outstanding service to our community. Such service could be in various fields of our community, including:

  • Educating community members
  • Standardization of equipment, software, or data
  • Organizing events
  • Advancing the Society in other ways

fNIRS 2022 DEI Travel Award

The fNIRS2022 DEI Travel Award aims to support and recognize researchers from racial, ethnic, and disability groups that have been historically under-represented in scientific work related to fNIRS in their home country or internationally

This award also aims to support research with significant impacts on culturally diverse and underrepresented minority populations.


New logo proposals

By the SfNIRS board

SfNIRS is looking for a new society logo. Please find below the guidelines below for submitting a proposal.

  • Send proposals to commcomm@fnirs.org.
  • You can submit as many proposals as you want, but if you submit more than one, we expect them to be substantially different; e.g. the same logo with two different color palettes will not be considered. The same holds for other small variations. If the board notes that a individual’s submissions are sufficiently similar, ALL variants of that submission will be eliminated from consideration.
  • There is no deadline. We will simply stop considering new entries when an appropriate logo is identified and agreed upon by the SfNIRS board. While we intend to have a new logo to present to the society during the Boston conference in October, we will not rush the decision, and we will pass if we can’t find a good replacement by that date.
  • Valid submission formats are .svg and .png only. The preferred format is .svg. If you choose to submit a .png resolution has to be at least 1200ppi and a minimum of 512×512 pixels (despite this minimum size, the logo is not required to be square e.g. 600×800 would be acceptable), and without compression.
  • By submitting a proposal you are agreeing to transfer all rights to the society regarding the logo.
  • You can use any color palette that you like.
  • The background should be transparent.
  • There is no predefined style preferred. Make it look retro, chic, modern, gothic, minimalistic, baroque, abstract… Up to you! Surprise us!!
  • No feedback will be provided by any board members on any logos that are submitted, but you are allowed to seek and get feedback from other members of the society as well as from non-members.
  • The decision of the board once taken will be final. No appeal will be allowed.
  • There is no economic nor in-kind reward or compensation for submitting proposals, including the winning logo.

Sneak Peeks – May 2022

By Guy Perkins and Rens Burghardt

While the sheer volume of fNIRS publications has increased extensively, this new feature will only highlight a few of the latest publications that might support, inspire, or otherwise entertain the SfNIRS community